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It all starts with people.


If you’ve ever lost any exceptional talent or had trouble acquiring good people, you’ve probably asked yourself why. We’ve all been there. Hiring and training employees is a large business expense, so losing good people after investing time and money into their professional development is a barrier to your business growth.

To resolve this, and give your business the leadership it requires it’s important to know exactly why your employees aren’t satisfied with their workplace environment, and what drives them to quit.

Employee happiness is the strongest profit driver in your business and through transparent leadership and engaging company culture, you can inspire your team, increase morale and grow your business exponentially.

Disengaged employees cost organizations $450-500 billion each year.

The Conference Board

76% of employees do not feel valued.

2018 Study by Mercer

Only 12% of employees leave an organization for more money.

Leigh Branham,
The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave

58% of managers have never actually received management training.


58% of employees say they trust strangers more than their boss.

Harvard Business Review


The fact is disengaged employees quit. While some team members may have outside factors affecting their engagement level at work, a majority of employee engagement problems can be fixed from within the organization, through people-focused leadership training.

This isn’t to say that your leadership team isn’t doing the best they can, because they probably are. Rather it’s to say that through leadership development and training, you’re likely to be able to attract, train and retain top talent across the board and save your business money in the process.

Curious as to how?

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Meet Shari Pheasant

Shari Pheasant is an award winning business expert, talent development specialist and growth strategist in Reno, Nevada. With over 30 years of leadership experience and lessons learned she inspires audiences across the country as a keynote speaker. Her innovative approach to business growth starts with people first. Her innovative approach to business growth starts with people first. She helps build, grow, and inspire company culture from the inside out. She knows that employee happiness and transparent leadership aligns teams and strengthens company culture and can’t wait to show you how simply you can lead to greatness!


Doing something costs something.

Doing nothing costs something — and typically that bill is far greater to bear.

Shari Pheasant

Shari is an international best-selling author and was named Woman of the Year by the International Women’s Leadership Association. She was also recently awarded the Business Innovator award at the Harvard Business School Thought Leader Conference after giving her talk, “Get Naked, Get Comfortable, Get Real; the New Business Model.” Shari’s newest book with the same title of her Harvard presentation is due out later in 2020. Every year, Shari hosts her annual Lead Your Legacy Women’s Retreat where she helps women hone in on their power of influence.

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