Meet the Power Behind Our Horse

Horse Power Strategies drives people from the inside out!

Do we “pour” into them to help them achieve and realize their dreams and goals in our business?

Hi!  I’m Shari Pheasant and I am passionate about building PEOPLE FIRST businesses. 

I have been in the workplace for over 40 years. 

I started working at 15 while living in a foster home after reading Zig Ziglar’s See You At the Top.  I became an entrepreneur over 30 years ago and currently am blessed to also own an automotive maintenance and repair shop with my husband Jeff.

My consulting company, Horsepower Strategies is my passion. And passion is my passion.  I love inspiring people to lead.

Traveling the country interviewing and working with small business owners and teams for the last eight years has taught me a lot and given me the experience to offer you to learn from all of our mistakes, collectively.


Who We Work With

I have worked with companies generating 40 million in yearly revenue, small businesses with five to eleven employees, high performing teams of 15, larger teams of 500 with sub teams, individual leaders and leadership teams. It has been my honor to hear from both sides, to be able to have crucial conversations and to facilitate transparent, vulnerable meetings that lead to greatness.

What unique experience is provided by Horse Power Strategies?

Here’s what I know.  Knowing yourself in a new way is where it begins.  Understanding your leadership styles, modalities, and their effectiveness is the first step to maximizing your value, core competencies, and sphere of influence.

The second step is understanding others. How they think, communicate and feel. This leads us to learn about perception and the effects of the filters that come with it.  Once we master these strategies, we can move on to the next level teamwork and leadership development.

This builds innovative cultures of creativity guided by accountability and responsibility for every company and business. And that drives me.  That is where my passion lies.


Barn Boot Camp

Barn Boot Camp, another learning experience offered by HPS, is popular, two-day hands-on training that uses your personalized assessment results individually, or as a team, to solidify your learning in an experiential environment. Our equine staff is trained to bring out your strengths and styles and give you opportunities to see how adapting those styles can bring better results into your professional career and personal lifestyle.


Live equine, provides an electric, living experience for leadership training, professional development, and personal growth. We are able to identify key factors of personalities and provide hands-on learning of practical techniques for workplace and life communication while using confidence to stir actions.

Thank you for your curiosity and interest.  I want to promise you our processes all begin with you.  Our team listens first. We open up creative processes and spend time connecting to understand.  We get to the root of it and always strive to drive forward momentum and success for you and your team.

Let’s have a conversation.  We’d love to connect and help you inspire greatness!


About Shari Pheasant

Shari Pheasant, CEO and founder of Horse Power Strategies, has over three decades of experience in business management and entrepreneurship. Over the last three years, she has collaborated with leading consultants and coaches to work with hundreds of businesses to improve communication, engagement, and achievement.

As a Certified Professional Behavioral and Driving Forces Analyst (DISC), Shari understands various behavior styles, driving forces, and key motivators of all people based on their leadership skills. Her ability to work with Strength Finders help identify those with strong leadership talent.

Currently, Shari is a member of the Car Care Council Women in Auto Care, where she serves as a lead mentor to several ladies and female CEOs. She is also a member of the International Women’s Leadership Association and the National Association of Women. In her hometown, Shari has won the title of Women of the Year twice, Female Shop Owner of the Year, and local the Industry and Small Business of the Year. Shari hosts an annual Lead Your Legacy Women’s Retreat where she helps other women learn the power of behavior and influence.


Honors & Awards

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