Ahhh, the thunder of horse hooves galloping through the desert is almost soothing to me. Maybe even inspiring, if it can be both at once. To think that this group of horses are family and they go through surviving in the wild with each other is amazing to me. They are prey. They eat nothing and lots can eat them. But they survive because they are together. They experience and learn together.

I think that is why I fit so well with them. All my life I have been drawn to others. Yet I have this independent streak and desire freedom, but still LOVE being part of a collaborative team. There is something about creating a synergy between people and achieving results by bringing everyone’s talents to the table, that draws me, just like the horses. But we all know in life, that synergy is not always present, even between people who work well together most times.

What if there was a way to understand how others think and to help them understand you? And what if this could lead to a happier environment, and a healthier culture in the business? Imagine it even raised productivity, which elevated profits and customer satisfaction. Man, now that would be powerful!

Well, what is that old saying? “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Most times the things most valuable to us do not come easy and take some time. Sometimes you just have to Live & Learn. And if it’s gonna happen that way, why not share your experiences with others? You know, why make the same mistake twice, let history repeat itself and so on.

Well, this is what we are aiming to do in our monthly publication, Live & Learn. And the best part is, you can sign up for FREE!! It will make you laugh, maybe teach you something new and perhaps assist you in accomplishing a goal. Because in Live & Learn we share and open dialogue that needs to be on the table in today’s business. We want to survive together and expand your horizons with ease. Most articles can be consumed in mere minutes.

So, what do you think? Is 2017 the year you are open to Change? Will this be the year you assert yourself and bring clarity and accomplishment into action at a higher level?

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