The happiest, most productive and successful people in the world have one thing in common – they have discovered what motivates them and harnessed it to drive them forward each and every day. Even better teams that understand each other and what drives each individual turn into high performing teams. So, whether you are working alone or with a team, finding out your HOW & WHY based on scientific-based research (80-90% accurate) has great value right now. Markets have changed and the work and sales environment are requiring higher levels of engagement with clients and co-workers. Connection Matters! But how do we accomplish this?

Studies show that employee engagement increases when the team understands each other and can communicate effectively, individual values align with the company, communication is clear and consistent, managers and owners involve their direct reports in decision-making, team support is strong and culture of self-accountability and integrity exist. 71% of our workforce is disengaged and 43% of those people are actively disengaged (bringing others down also).

So the question becomes what do you do? Your first step as an individual is to know yourself in specific terms. Be able to identify and explain to someone your behavior style, communication methods, and driving forces. When you “undress” for others (share your inside make up) they are more willing to let down their guard and “undress for you” (so to speak, lol).

Here is a great way to start your New Year! Take part in our FREE OPPORTUNITY and gain valuable facts about YOU! By taking part you will help us collect data for a study on the climate and specific value of Human Capital, YOU!!! As a participant, you will receive a copy of the completed report later this year. We know Human Happiness is the Ultimate Success Driver! But what drives you?

Follow our provided link and you will discover your primary driving forces and your observable behaviors styles. Get a 40-page report, with no obligation. Your results will be included anonymously in our results-driven white paper.

When the work you do is aligned with your primary driving forces, you feel energized. Challenged.

Motivated to do better each day.

By discovering our primary driving force, we set ourselves up for reaching our full potential. Let us GIVE YOU a TOOL to USE to PUSH YOUR POTENTIAL FORWARD!!

Please SHARE THIS LINK on your page and with everyone you know!!! (the more data, the better the study).


Thank you and we hope you utilize the valuable information about you, your observable behavior and your driving forces. We appreciate your willingness to participate in our study.

Let’s take it one step further. Share this link with a colleague. Maybe it is the person you work with the most or the one you are least likely to work well with on your team. Then, contact us at and we can create a comparison report and show you how best to communicate with each other and work with your driving forces integration report. Learn the strengths and possible conflicts in this working relationship and as a team what value you bring to the table. The only way we will reach out to provide this is if you initiate contact. We provided this opportunity based on previous requests once people have reviewed their report results.

Be Driven!

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