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Owning an automotive maintenance and service shop in today’s market requires a shift in thinking and leadership.  Managing healthy margins, creating an authentic brand and marketing to the right clients is challenging. Maintaining a culture of engagement and accountability can be difficult.

Our specialized aftermarket training was developed through years of experience working within the industry guiding hundreds of shop owners in classes, workshops and service contracts. It also comes from years of working with businesses in other industries.  Knowing what best practices can be applied and being able to identify trends, patterns, gaps in service, processes and systems strengthens the effectiveness of our programs to bring the results you desire and deserve.


Let’s have a conversation to find out if we can be of service to you.  If we can refer you to another service you need, we are happy to be of help. Shari is passionate about her fellow shop owners and aftermarket women she has built strong relations with over the years.

Why choose Shari?

She is a fellow shop owner.


In 2004, Shari began her career in the automotive aftermarket when she and her husband Jeff opened a local automotive maintenance and repair shop called A Master Mechanic.

Shari started doing the bookkeeping part-time bookkeeper and quickly grew her role to build the brand, growth strategies and talent development plans for the business. She helped grow revenue from $200K to $1.6M yearly by measuring company metrics and creating an innovative customer-centric company culture in the shop.

Her efforts, in combination with Jeff’s mastery of the industry and vehicle care and his focus on training technicians, working customer service and operations, ultimately helped the company maintain an 18% growth rate every year for five years. The shop also became 1G, 2G Smog Certified and rose to be well recognized and trusted in the community as an award-winning NAPA Gold & ASE Blue Seal Certified Elite Auto Care Center.


Shari has been featured in several industry podcasts, including and Wrench Nation and is a member of Carm Capriotto’s Remarkable Results alumni group. She has been featured on Cheri Hill’s radio show, and Tamra Patzers Self Made Women book.

She consulted across the nation for a few years working with hundreds of shop owners to shift their business model to gain the right customers, build a successful marketing plan, balance their margins and bring in greater profits.

She has been involved nationally for years mentoring and guiding women in several industries, including the automotive aftermarket through Women in Auto Care.



Shari has been leading eleven local shop owners in the northern Nevada for the last four years. She has guided the group to achieve never before levels of community engagement, industry knowledge and support of training for new technicians in our industry.  These achievements have assisted the group in developing strong, sustainable local relations with like-minded owners.

She also facilitated the creation of the first ever NAPA Kids Car Care Center at the Discovery Museum in downtown Reno.  This museum allows hands on experiences for the children visiting and the car care center has become one of the most popular exhibits for all.



Ask anyone that knows Shari for one word that describes her and most of the time you will get PASSIONATE.

Shari knows what it is like for driven, motivated people to become unengaged and the effects it has on the business.

She has uncovered cracked communication and misalignment in teams for years and has always been dedicated to building people first.

She is value-driven and strives to over-deliver while teaching scalable, sustainable practices.

She is relentless about helping you dig in and uncover the greatness in you.


Shari has also published a book, 25 Car Care Tips for Women, that acts as a helpful guide for car owners.

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You can find out more about Shari at or more about her shop, A Master Mechanic, at

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