Strategic Leadership Development

Strategic Leadership Development

Studies show that companies lose as much as $11 billion annually due to high employee turnover – a result of a lack of employee engagement. Outdated leadership strategies failed communication methods, and a lack of transparent teamwork lead to disengaged employees.

A business with engaged employees, however, sees up to a 202% better performance due to more enthusiasm, motivation, empowerment, and confidence.

Through best practices, learned counter-intuitive methods and scientific data collection, Horse Power Strategies measures your leadership DNA through a comprehensive analysis of specific behaviors, communication styles, motivators (also known as drivers), preferences and best working conditions required for success.

Let us identify your strengths as a leader and help you break down your obstacles to business growth.


We build, grow, and inspire company culture from the inside out. It all starts with people.


Horse Power Strategies uses the tri-feedback method to ensure you get the most out of our services. As catalysts of change, our team supports you in your personal growth journey through self-discovery. We facilitate improved relationships through enhanced communication processes and the knowledge to effectively adapt to others. Coaches help align and strengthen your job performance through professional development. We hold you accountable.

Our coaches and mentors will work with you through monthly coaching calls and interactive, online lessons so you can help guide you through your learning process. The areas of focus we will master together include ways to exceed your vision, business growth strategy expertise, leadership development, and developing a thriving team. Increase your potential and empower your business so you can increase profits efficiently and productively.


Innovative Cultural Training and Outside of the Box Thinking

Horse Power Strategies offers countless webinars, events, and classes for those seeking to learn something unique, new, and different when inspiring high performing teams.

In what ways can you become a stronger leader?  How can we help fuel your business?

With our services, you’ll achieve results. We promise that you will become a better, more influential, inspiring leader. You’ll become a leader who knows how to connect with each individual staff member, resolve conflicts effectively, understand what motivates your team and what they find valuable, build a strong business, and achieve with great results.


Ready to better attract and retain top talent? Learn more about how our Horse Power drives businesses forward.