Team Alignment Training


We offer innovative, strategic Leadership Performance and Management training that produces greater team alignment. Our goal is to help you create a team that is aligned and engaged.

A team that is aligned and engaged is responsible for its actions, presents innovative ideas, has a great relationship among themselves, communicates well, gives their all, provides strong support, holds each other accountable, and stays connected.

According to behavioral research, people who understand themselves in terms of their strengths and weaknesses effectively develop strategies that meet and exceed the demands of their environment. Through our design process of formal and informal learning and development solutions, we help business managers and leaders identify and communicate performance expectations for their employees.

As a result of our training, leaders will be able to:



At Horse Power Strategies, we offer the next level experience for you and your team.  Horses can show us interesting things about ourselves and teach us how others perceive us.  Our Barn Boot Camp program, an experiential leadership training program, offers you and your team a once in a lifetime, memorable experience.  Upon successful completion of one of our development programs, you and your team come to the barn for a half-day, full-day or weekend program. Use your leadership training experience to grow your business. We place you in an active learning environment to promote innovative, hands-on leadership team training through equine-based activities and engage you in a process of self-awareness. You’ll be putting your communication and leadership skills to work. Our BBC program promotes character building, group collaborative efforts, and thoughtful planning.


At Horsepower Strategies, it is our core promise to provide insights and training programs that promote employee happiness as the ultimate profit driver. Our people-first programs train you and your team to motivate and inspire one another to innovate and drive and profitable results.

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